New Year, New Siding: Replace Your Siding with Lexington’s Favorite Colors

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Are you in the market for a siding replacement for your home in Lexington? Siding plays an important role in enhancing your home’s appeal and protecting your residence from the natural elements, such as hail, wind, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

So, what are the best siding colors in Lexington and how do you pick the perfect color for your home? Whether you are looking to change up your home’s aesthetic or strengthen your home against the natural elements, here are 3 popular siding colors in Lexington that will upgrade your residence. 


popular siding colors, best siding colors


Siding in Lexington: 3 Popular Siding Colors 


Slate Blue: Serene & Charming

Cool tones, such as slate blue, are a unique choice that helps add a calming and serene aesthetic to your residence in Lexington. Slate blue siding can add a touch of sophistication, vibrancy, and character to your home’s exterior. Plus, a bonus is that a slate blue siding color will add a visually appealing contrast to the surrounding landscape.   


Soft Beige Siding: Warm & Inviting 

Neutral tones, such as soft beige, are a popular siding color choice in Lexington. Soft beige siding is understated and complements a variety of styles, aesthetics, and architecture. In addition, this siding color helps add a classic, elegant, and welcoming feel to your home. If you’re looking for the perfect minimalistic siding color that will harmonize well with the architecture, rolling hills, and horse farms in Lexington, then soft beige is the perfect choice for you.  


popular siding colors, best siding colors, siding replacement, Lexington


Grey Tones: Versatile & Modern

Another popular siding color group in Lexington is grey tones. Charcoal or muted, soft grey hues can add an elegant and modern feel to the exterior of your home. Grey tones can create a sleek and dimensional contrast against your roofing, any texture you choose to use on the exterior of your home, and the scenic surroundings, such as the elegant Victorian homes and green landscapes. Ultimately, choosing a grey color for your siding is a one-of-a-kind look that is eye-catching and versatile.  


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